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What we do


Muslim Aid focuses on providing Renovating repairing school buildings and uplifting Education Read

Water & Sanitation

According UN Report 783 million people do not have access to clean water and almost 2.5 billion do not have access to adequate sanitation.. Read 

Economic Empowerment

The Economic empowerment programs have been designed to help the people to raise their incomes and standard of living… Read 

Health Care

Muslim Aid Sri Lanka has conducted many project under Health Care, focusing mostly during Emergency Situation like civil war and natural disaster situations… Read 

Religious Dues

The concept of Zakat entails donating a portion of your wealth to those in need. In a very basic sense, it essentially that Muslims look out for one another… Read 


Muslim Aid is one of the fastest in the country in providing relief during emergency situations. Most emergencies require urgent intervention… Read 

Housing & Shelter

After the end of war in 2009, affected people started moving back to their villages of origins. Shelter is one of the basic needs for every human being… Read 

Disable Care

According to Census of Population and Housing Survey 2011 there are 278,000 reported disabled individuals in Sri Lanka (excluding the North and East)… Read 


Muslim Aid’s networking efforts have led to the strengthening of existing partnerships and the formation of new partnerships…. Read 

Good Governance

Muslim Aid Sri Lanka has been creating awareness on peace building and good governance from 2007 onward in Sri Lanka …. Read 

Child Care

Rainbow Family program under Child Care has been uniquely designed to bring dignity to the lives of suffering children due to abject poverty…. Read 

Constructed Pre-School in Thalankuda Poor kids are studying without any hindrances

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